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  Christian Parenting

The Christian Home - A Study guide
by Lasserre Bradley Jr.,

Practical. Insightful. Biblical.
This study guide, designed for the busy family approaches family issues from a completely biblical perspective. Accompanies taped message series but can be very useful without the tapes. Full Color Cover.

PB $4.00 each.

  The Christian Home Tape Series

Part 1

Family/Wives II & III

Husbands I, II, III, IV

Children I, II

10 cassettes in Vinyl Album $32.50
Part 2
Children - III, IV

Fathers & Mothers - I, II

Parents - I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII
12 Cassettes in Vinyl Album $39.00
Two Albums Purchased together: $62.00

Study Guide Booklet (mentioned above) $4.00

  A Parentís Guide to Family Devotions

by Elder Michael L. Gowens

A book of ideas, suggestions and resources to assist parenting the Biblical training and teaching of their own children, which is their god-given responsibility. Spiral bound. Color cover.

Order # 0100-25 $10.00 each

  Child Training

  Shepherding A Childís Heart

by Tedd Tripp

"With the plethora of material on parenting and the family, it is surprising-and distressing-to see how few books are genuinely Biblical. Here is a refreshing exception...Tedd Tripp offers solid, trustworthy, biblical help for parents. If you are looking for the right perspective and practical help on the divine plan for parenting, you wontí find a more excellent guide."- John MacArthur, pastor, author, radio Bible Teacher.

Order # 0300-38 $13.99

  The Heart of Anger

  by Lou Priolo

This new book deals with the root causes of anger and offers corrective advice from an exclusively biblical perspective. In fact, this book will be of benefit to anyone struggling with anger regardless of age. 214 pages.

PB $13.95

  Series on Discipline

by Lasserre Bradley Jr.,

The Discipline of Self - The Discipline of Children - The Discipline of the Church (I & II)

Series in vinyl album $15.00

  Teaching our Children

by Lasserre Bradley Jr.,

The following questions are considered in these 5 tape messages...

WHY should we be concerned about teaching our children?

WHO should teach them?

WHAT should we teach them?

HOW should we teach them?

Complete in vinyl album $ 18.50

  Marriage Help

  Preparing for Marriage Godís Way

by Wayne Mack

This is a workbook which is designed both to provide information and to sk questions which will be of tremendous benefit to the couple planning to be married. It is described as Ďa step-by-step guide for marriage readiness and the after -the-wedding conflicts." 152 pages.

$14.99 each

  Strengthening your Marriage

by Wayne Mack

From the cover: "Wayne Mack recognizes the challenges involved in building a strong marriage. He also knows that Scripture provides the method and means for meeting those challenges with growing success. In this volume, Dr. Mack has gathered a wealth of practical information on marital roles, communication, finances, sex, child raising, and family religion."

  When Going through Difficulties

Things Can Be Better Today

by Lasserre Bradley Jr.

1- Things can be better Today

2- Positive Change

3- I Delight to do thy will

4- Our duty to forgive

5- Ten thousand talents Owed

Order # 0200-4 $3.00 each

  Six Things to Remember in the Time of Crisis

by Lasserre Bradley Jr.

A refreshing perspective on facing lifeís deepest hurts head-on while honoring Jesus Christ and bearing faithful witness to His work of grace.

Order #0200-5 $2.50 each

  A Motherís Faith

by Dolph Painter

How one family faced a critical illness of a young mother. 50 Page booklet. Color PB cover.

Order # 0100-23 $5.00 each


Some counselors advise people to sublimate their anger while others say to vent it. Some suggest that under certain circumstances it is acceptable to be angry with God. In these messages the fallacy of modern-day thinking on the subject of anger is exposed, and the god- honoring way of dealing with anger is examined from scripture.

6 messages by Lasserre Bradley Jr., in vinyl album $21.95