Keepers at Home Organizer

Refill Packs

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Keepers at Home Organizer
Annual Calendar - Refill Pack
  • 1 Full Year of Monthly calendars
  • 1 Full Year of Weekly Planners
  • Holiday's for the year list
  • Extra phone numbers page
  • Extra Email addresses page
  • Extra Blank Note pages


Keepers at Home Organizer
School Planning - Refill Pack
  • School Attendance/Hours Roster
  • Annual Subject Planner
  • Books Needed List
  • Blank Daily Lesson Planner (Reproducible) + Michele's Sample
  • Sample Assignment Sheets
  • Convention Shopping List
  • List of Newberry award winners
  • Annual Poet Study Chart
  • Annual Musician Study Chart
  • Annual Artist Study Chart
  • Annual Plutarch Study Chart

Another option for you is to order our "School Planner for Homeschool Moms." It includes everything above + 36 weeks of the Daily Lesson planners already copied and bound in a sturdy attractive binder. Ready to use, no copying and binding. See our product list.


Keepers at Home Organizer
Mom's Helper Refill Pack
  • Goals for the year Family Clothing Information
  • Wish list for gift buying
  • Family Clothing Information
  • Christmas Planner + Christmas Gift Lists
  • Reproducible Packing list
  • Vital Records Information Chart
  • Health Care Insurance Records (Reproducible)(To help you maintain Insurance Information)
  • Special Notations about your children (copy as needed to be added to your children's baby books)
  • Hospitality Goals
  • Letter Writing Chart
  • Holiday or Company Coming Planner (Reproducible)
  • Group Events Planner (Reproducible)
  • Shower Planner and shopping list (Reproducible)
  • Seed Plant Ordering Chart
  • Garden Planning Grid
  • Pile up lists and Bright ideas lists for the year
  • Honey-do list (Master Copy)
  • Seasonal Yard Maintenance charts
  • Weekly, Quarterly, Annual Home Maintenance Charts
  • 1 Full Year of Personal Journal pages + 4 extra months
  • Dad's Daily Organizer (Reproducible)


Keepers at Home Organizer
Complete Refill Pack
Includes all the contents of the following sets:
  • Annual Calendar Refill Pack
  • Mom's Helper Refill Pack
  • School Planning Refill Pack
  • Plus: a New Owner Page
  • Note: The Complete Refill Pack includes everything that is in the "Keepers at Home" Organizer, with the exception of 11 pages of suggestions on how to use the KaH Organizer, The 3-Ring Vinyl Binder and cover pages and the 21 Custom made Tabs. Tab sets are for sale below. Also, See our product listing page.


Complete Set of 21 Custom Tabs
for the "Keepers at Home" Oganizer
  • January - Decmeber Tabbed dividers
  • Also Tabbed dividers for:
  • School Planning
  • Home Maintenance
  • Meal Planning
  • Hospitality
  • Personal Journal
  • Bible Study, Old and New Testament Dividers
  • Medical Journal
  • Email/Phone numbers/Web addresses

All tabs are shipped shrink wrapped together. No seperate tab orders accepted, they are only offered in the complete 21 Tab set.